Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Discussion-big group

Live blogging from Wednesday night's discussion. We broke up into two groups, about thirty people in the auditorium and twelve out in the Gallery.
I'll be going back and forth between the two groups, with stops at the snack table.
A lot of discussion concerning Dorothea. She is the favorite character for several readers here. Others don't find her quite as admirable.
Is Celia flighty and too much in love with finery, or is that only in contrast to Dorothea.
Both sisters seem much younger than many of imagined.

Side note -- discussion of the number of people attending. We have 95 or so print copies in circulation, three books on CD, three large print, four downloadable audio, and countless ebooks (you can get a free copy on Gutenberg or through Overdrive).

One attendee, claiming to be a Middlemarch fanatic, "is not a reader, but reads Middlemarch over and over . . . "-Fascinating! This reader and one other enjoy listening to the audiobooks.

Does sex exist in the marriage of Casaubon and Dorothea?

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