Thursday, June 12, 2014

Favorite Middlemarch quotes, anyone?

From Book I, Chapter 10, in which many of the novel's characters are gathered for the dinner-party at the Grange to celebrate Dorothea and Casaubon's impending nuptials, and Mrs Cadwallader and Lady Chettam compare Dorothea and her sister Celia:

(of Celia) "Certainly; she is fonder of geraniums, and seems more docile..."

I thought this was a gem.  Has anything struck your fancy so far?  Tell us!


  1. I am fond of :
    "the low estimate of possibilities which we rather hastily arrive at as an inference from our own failure."

    I realize it's a sentence fragment. That's all I wrote in my notebook. Sorry, George. It's interesting how much she knew about failure, since she was a brilliant success.

  2. That is a nice one. Yes, she was a success, but perhaps her point is that we all feel our failures deeply, whatever they are. (Or, as in her case, however minor they may have been.)