Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday discussion of Their Eyes Were Watching God

Twelve (now thirteen) participants with a WIDE variety of opinions at the Thursday discussion.
  • Were Tea Cake and Janie in "love"? Opinions differ today.
  • Self confidence falls in the face of abuse.
  • Jody professed his love but ended up focused only on himself.
  • Love, or relationships, with different people IS different.


  1. Today was a spirited discussion about Janie, Jody, Tea Cake & Eatonville. I feel very differently about this story than I did in my 30's. I no longer think this is a Love Story and I do not think Janie loved Tea Cake. hmm. Time brings about a change.

  2. I actually have compassion for Janie. She never really lives her life and she never loves herself therefore it is impossible to love anyone. Janie did have an opportunity to grow & develop but she was afraid to speak up to her husband....then she settles on being a victim. I wish Janie had discovered her God given talents & gifts versus escaping reality with Tea Cake & settling for a hard, unstable, dangerous life. I wanted more for Janie.