Friday, August 26, 2016

And the winner is...

Chuck Korr!  Congratulations to you, Chuck, and to all our excellent summer readers!

Some comments from our final (Friday) discussion:

  • Hurston arrests me with her writing.
  • The discussion on the store porch about Nature vs. Caution (nurture?) is interesting and plays out throughout the story.
  • In order for Tea Cake to get into the same jealous, suspicious frame of mind as Joe, he had to get rabies,
  • Why can't we have a Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic ending instead of a rabies ending?
  • The trial scene is another manifestation of the light vs. dark issue.  The white women spectators sympathize with the light-skinned Janie while the darker-skinned friends of Tea Cake want to condemn Janie.
  • Janie's shooting Tea Cake is an instance of her having self-agency.
  • The title - Janie (and others in the novel?) are trying to figure out who God wants them to be.  Or is it because God judges everyone that they are all watching Him?

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  1. And Many Thanks to Kathleen from all the group members for her excellence in moderating the group discussions!