Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Small Group Discussion on the First night

Questions from the groups:
1. What explains the differences between the two groups living on the opposite side of the creek? Resonated with the "other side of the tracks", "Delmar divide", and perceptions of East St. Louis versus public perceptions of St. Louis.
2. What was the timeline of the book? Dr. Langley's answer: Amy Crittenden was a young girl in 1865 when slavery ended. Ned was older. So, the book begins about around 1893 (my guess) based on John's age. The book runs through the First World War.
3. How relevant is this to contemporary audiences?-Answer: Many people discussing the book felt that many of the points raised in the book were still very relevant, from implicit bias based on skin color. Parallels modern issues.
Gender politics and sexuality-even though John was a serial philanderer, the women he slept with were considered "sluts' or worse. There's a definite double-standard.

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