Friday, June 24, 2016

Jonah's Gourd Vine

Amy Crittenden.  A question arose about the relationship with Amy & Alf.  Was Amy raped?
During slavery and post slavery days rape is always a possibility.  Amy doesn't have harsh words or
negative implications toward Alf.  Amy also is confident when telling John to mention her Name when asking for work.  So, what if Alf really liked Amy at one time?  What if Alf had true affections
toward Amy at one time?
Alf makes a comment of wondering why Amy married Ned and became a sharecropper?  I believe
Alf saw some value in Amy, maybe intelligence, beauty, loyalty?  Alf thought Amy's life could have been better if she had stayed on the better side of the creek.  Some white men of that day really had affection for the black women.  Sally Hemming is just one documented example.  What is Alf actually felt some betrayal when Amy left and married Ned?  If any of these thoughts are true that may explain Alf's willingness to help John.  Alf could have had No sense of obligation toward John but he does.  Maybe Alf's feelings for Amy lends itself to care for John.  Just maybe?


  1. Commenting on the mystery at the center of the novel that was suggested by Dr. April Langley, the mystery of what really happened between April Crittenden and Alf Pearson. I like your ideas, Rosalind. Other thoughts, anyone?

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