Monday, August 21, 2017

More Favorite Quotes!

 From reader Judi:

He had naturally a short throat and I do seriously believe he over starched himself. Page 553

I could not help feeling, though she mingled her tears with mine, that she had a dreadful luxury in our afflictions. She petted them, as I may say, and made the most of them.... we parted, overwhelmed with grief;  and I think Miss Mills enjoyed herself completely. Page 562
What else stands out for you?  Something sad?  Funny?  Significant?

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  1. I enjoyed Aunt Betsey's running sotto voce commentary during the scene with Doctor Strong, Annie, and Annie's mother, Mrs. Markleham. Aunt Betsey obviously doesn't think much of Mrs. Markleham, which becomes increasingly apparent throughout the scene, culminating in this:

    Mrs. Markleham: A specimen of the thanks one gets for taking care of one's family! I wish I was a Turk!

    Aunt Betsey, under her breath: I wish you were, with all my heart — and in your native country!