Friday, June 30, 2017

The Friday Book Discussion (chapters 1-18 of David Copperfield)

We have about 19 attendees at the Friday discussion. There were 16 on Thursday. All-in-all some pretty good discussions.
Points we discussed:
  • Dickens as a writer of Victorian Soap Opera
  • Women stifled by class structure and mores of the day
  • Social Classes in England
  • David born with a caul, several had not heard the term before
  • No one is happy with the footnotes in the Penguin Classics edition 
  • Favorite phrases:
    • Lifting the curtain on part of his life to write about it, and then letting the curtain drop again
    • Micawber's "I have nothing to bestow but advice. Still my advice is so far worth taking, that-in short, that I have never taken it myself. . . "

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