Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mrs. Cadwallader and Raffles and Casaubon

Mrs. Cadwallader and Raffles are unfiltered characters who not only speak their minds, but also need no interpretation or explanation from the narrator.
Was Casaubon a character with whom you could sympathize at all? Some in our group feel that he was a man who could not live up to his own expectations.

Was Casaubon wrong about Ladislaw?
Were the sins he imagined for his cousin the sins he considered committing. Ladislaw loves Dorothea, but has no interest in Casaubon's money.

The idea of marriage.
Was Lydgate's idea of marriage the same as Casubon's?  Was marriage something to check off your list?
Is Rosamund the character that Eliot likes least?

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