Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just in case you missed it...

Click to find some background information on our Adult Summer Reading Big Book Challenge. 


  1. Lovely book pick up process. The lady who took our information and discussed the group read was super friendly and helpful. Looking forward to great discussions

    1. So glad to hear that! We are thrilled with last night's turnout and anticipating a great summer.

  2. Beginning Chapter 2, I encounter a quote from our old friend Don
    Quixote--in Spanish as well as English. I confess that ordinarily I neglect to go back to the epigraph after finishing the chapter, so I don't know how it applies. This time I went back. If I remember Don Q--and please correct me if I'm wrong--"the cavalier with a golden helmet" is actually a barber with a basin on his head. So an ordinary person is being mistaken for an exalted one. In Ch 2, Dorothea meets Rev. Casaubon and thinks he's Mr. Wonderful. Is she mistaken too? We'll see.

  3. I, too, was delighted to see our companion of last summer make a reappearance! Thanks for reminding me about the barber with the basin - how could I have forgotten?